Berg Elizabeth – Until the real thing comes along

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Patty Murphy is facing that pivotal point in a woman’s life when her biological clock ticks as insistently as a beating heart. Will she find Mr Right and start a family? But Patty is in love – with a man who is not only attractive and financially sound, but sensitive and warmhearted. There’s just one small problem: He is also gay. Against her better judgment, and pleas from family and friends, Patty refuses to give up on Ethan. Every man she dates ultimately leaves her aching for the gentle comfort and intimacy she shares with him. But even as she throws eligible bachelors to the wayside to spend yet another platonic night with Ethan, Patty longs more and more for the consolation of loving and being loved. In the meantime she must content herself with waiting – until the real thing comes along . . .

Publikacja w języku angielskim.


Numer katalogowy131115587
Miejsce wydaniaLondon
Rok wydania2003
Wydawca Arrow Books
Format20 cm
Ilość stron282
Oprawamiękka, foliowana
Stan produktubardzo dobry
Stawka VAT5% podatek VAT

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